A Greenhouse Valentine

This year for Valentines Day, I’m giving you my greenhouse all decked out in X’s, O’x and hearts. Now to say I’m enjoying my greenhouse, is an understatement. This year for the first time, I’m allowing myself to have some fun decorating in my backyard. And Valentines is the perfect way to express that fun. Love is in the air, my friends!

For each side, I selected something special for the doors. An X&O door hanging for the red side, and a pink tulip wreath for the pink side.

Depending on the weather, I switch up where I hang the tulip wreath. If it’s warm, I hang it on the top open door.

Other times it’s on the bottom door.

I love it that my she-shed greenhouse has that window/dutch door. It gives me so many options.

And if it’s cold outside, I close all the doors and hang it on the outside top.

Meanwhile, my winter plants seem to be surviving well so far, although the warm afternoons are taking a toll on my pansies.

I couldn’t resist this cute heart apron all decked out for working with my plants during the season.

To dress up the other windows , I found these faux olive leaf heart wreaths from a seller on Etsy for my smaller windows. The peony pink ribbon is the perfect touch to remove the “Christmas” feel.

They add just a little “something” to the side windows which seems so bare otherwise.

It’s been warm enough lately that my canna is wanting to come up again!

Even my studio got a couple of the heart wreaths to dress it up for the season!

On the red side of my greenhouse, I planted a few new things in my window boxes.

I added some white Mexican pots with lavender to flank the door until the warm weather brings back the canna here.

Inside the greenhouse, it’s jam packed with my plants. Oleander, citrus trees, hibiscus, and ferns are tightly packed in and seem to be doing just fine.

This past week I noticed my lemon tree is blooming…could I really get lemons this year? I certainly hope so! This next week it’s going to get cold here! But I’m sure the plants will do just fine.

The final touch is the X&O door hanging that brings out the red from my light and door details.

And that’s my greenhouse Valentine for you! Happy Valentines Day—1 week early!


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