How a Victorian Settee Defined an Upstairs Landing

I love settees. And I love Victorian furniture. I have a dream of bringing back this look and saying, “Hey, Victorian is the new black!” I scored this amazing settee and two chairs on Craigslist a few months ago. Again, I wasn’t sure where it would go, but I knew I couldn’t part with it. So, it did not go up for purchase in my Etsy shop. Instead, I hoarded it for myself.

I fell in LOVE with the fabric! The only problem was the seat. I bought it from a woman who had used it in her coffee shop that just recently closed. The seat had fallen through (notice the board attached to the bottom).  And, the fabric on the seat was ripped.

Once my foyer began undergoing the pink transformation (read more about it here), I had the vision that this settee could go upstairs on the landing in front of a large window. I could sit up there and read my magazines, practice guitar, and drink coffee or cocktails.

I knew I could clean up the rest of the settee, but the seat…what do I do? I knew I couldn’t find that exact fabric, so I looked for another velvet that could do the trick. I ended up settling on pink because it was the easiest to match. 

I not only replaced the seat, but I added welt cord in that fabric to tie it to the rest of the settee.


It’s sort of eclectic now, but it has a new life instead of finding its way into a landfill. It’s way too cute for a landfill.

How about you? Do you find pieces that you really love that end up being the perfect thing your home needed? Or am I the only one who does this? 





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