The Dorm Room Makeover

Well, it’s finally happened. My oldest daughter has gone off to college this past weekend. Am I really old enough for this to happen? Obviously, yes. It’s truly a bittersweet time for us left at home, but we are excited for her.

A couple of months ago we bought her bedding: a super cute Martha Stewart line called Whim! It’s a dark grey with gold, black, and light grey dots. She wasn’t interested in decorating her dorm, so I backed off and left it alone. Then, a week ago when I saw her spray painting stuff for her desk and wall, I realized that she really did want some cute things for her room. So, I got right to work on a chair (of course) and some art to hang above her dorm room desk. I just so happened to have this small French chair ready for a makeover. Continue reading “The Dorm Room Makeover”

The Ugly Chair Makeover Reveal

Remember back a couple of months ago? I put out a call for for you to submit all your ugly chairs, we voted, and there was a winner! Does this chair ring a bell? It was the winner!


This chair was one of those that has awesome bones. My rule of thumb is to always look at the shape of the chair. Ignore the wood and fabric. Is the shape attractive? Does it have potential? This one was a definite YES! Continue reading “The Ugly Chair Makeover Reveal”

Advice 101: Be True to Your Roots

I’ve been interested in design for some time now. But I’ve wondered where I and my work fits in to helping others achieve their dreams. I enjoy decorating my own home and helping friends do the same. I looked up to other designers and analyzed how they’ve found their niche, and while it might be obvious now, I’ve wondered, “Where do I fit? How can I contribute to this vast world of design?”

Here’s how it all began…or sort of began. I’ve always had a thing for chairs. And I felt strange because of it. Who else around me loves chairs? No one. Until one day  when I heard Nate Berkus declare the same thing on his show! (Remember when he had his own daytime afternoon show? Boy, how I miss it!) Wow, I thought, I’m not the only oneContinue reading “Advice 101: Be True to Your Roots”