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The Versatility of Barn Wood

Reclaimed wood is all the rage now!  And why not?  Just a small piece of this salvage adds interest to any type of space, be it your kitchen, living area, bath, or bedroom.  No matter what your sense of style—industrial, eclectic, classic, beach, farmhouse, etc.—reclaimed wood can be that little something extra to make your space unique. Here’s a few reasons to consider using it in your space.
Reclaimed wood gives a space a sense of history. How old is that door? We see reclaimed sliding doors everywhere now, which is one functional way you can use an old barn door. I’m seeing stacks of these barn doors in every junk shop I go to, and they are cheap! I’ve seen them for $40! (I love the rusted hinges!) Even if it is too small to be a functional door, you can always just prop it against the wall and hang a wreath on it. Your space will feel like an “old soul” in no time.
Reclaimed wood adds interest to a space.  And, it can give you an opportunity to create unique art! Grab some stencils and use one as a sign. I painted this one for a wedding celebration, but you can paint any type of slogan or encouraging quote on it. Put it on a table or desk and lean it against the wall—no need to formally hang it.

Photo courtesy of Aino Photography

Photo courtesy of Aino Photography

Reclaimed wood warms up a space. Last year I snapped this photo while on a local house tour.  The rustic headboard acts as a buffer between those shiny pillows, dark bedding, and the cream colored wall.  The space feels so cozy! Let your imagination go wild here…you could use a barn door in this way, too. There’s no need for the wood to be uniform and even…that’s what makes it interesting!
I did a makeover on this old cabinet from the 70s last year for a friend. I removed the glass shelving and added in reclaimed wood that I got for $3/piece at a local antique store. The aged wood really warms up the white cabinet.
The next time you pass by a stack of old barn doors or reclaimed wood, take a minute and brainstorm how you could use some of it in your space. Just think of how it could create a sense of history, make your space interesting, or warm up the space.  Remember, just a little bit of reclaimed wood goes a long way!

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