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Using Interesting Tables in Your Home

I admit it…my most favorite places to shop are antique shops, flea markets, and junk stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love gift stores too, but since my own personal preference is to have an eclectic home filled with interesting things, I am forced to go into dank, stinky shops. I’ve learned to embrace those funky smells because what often awaits inside are one-of-a-kind, special things. And, you only need to find really one cool thing to make the trip worth it. Old tables happen to be a personal favorite. Just imagine one as an island or table in your kitchen.  Let’s say you have a party and need extra table space for the food.  Believe me, tables always come in handy.
Last summer I took an antiquing trip with a friend to Beaux Bridge, Louisiana. Boy, oh boy, did we find some treasures! This buggy—in my mind its a table with amazing wheels—was the best thing I found on this trip. The blue wheels are fantastic! What a great kitchen island this would be…it almost makes me regret that my island is built in.
I spied this one in a model home last summer and loved the rustic and urban blend of the metal and aged wood. It was substantial and had so much character and even has wheels!
At the Dallas Market last month I located what is now my favorite gift shop that has virtually everything I never knew I wanted including this amazing long table. Of course it was NFS (not for sale)! Once you start looking for all the unique items, you will see this tag a lot! Wouldn’t this be great as a console under a TV or a kitchen island?
Most of my finds happen on trips that I take to see family. Last summer we took a trip to Missouri to see some relatives and went junk shopping for day! HEAVEN!!!  I found this sweet little foldable table and thought it would be perfect for my shop when I need a hard space to work with fabric. I could even envision it on my porch with some cute ice cream chairs. I didn’t get it and I regret it.  Oh well…
Right now, I have my eye on two vintage folding tables, one of which is in the image below. The wood patina is fantastic and the fact that they both fold could make them so useful around my place. I have a sickening feeling that they won’t be at the antique store in Fort Worth much longer, so I better hurry up!
You’ve probably surmised by now that I talk myself out of buying many of the treasures that attract me, but I did buy this one. It sits below my television in my living room and I’m so glad I bit the bullet and snatched it!
As you can see, I love a variety of styles when it comes to tables. So, the next time you spy a cool looking table, think of the possibilities…kitchen island, porch table, workshop surface, or console. Don’t wait too long—but if you wake up the next morning still thinking of it—that might be your sign! Have you found interesting tables for your living space? I would love to hear about it in comments section below.

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