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Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!

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The Party of the Summer!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, there’s going to be a super fun chair party at my house this summer and I want all of you to come! Here’s the scoop…

Cake and Cocktails is the menu of choice because that’s what The Chair Stylist (aka, me) loves! And these aren’t just any cakes and cocktails. Paige’s Bakehouse in downtown Round Rock will be providing the cake!!!  Oh my goodness, if you haven’t been in there or seen what she creates, you are in for a treat! (Pun intended!)

Owned by Paige Morgan Perry, Paige’s Bakehouse is a fabulously fun bakery with whimsical paint on the walls and amazing cakes!  You can check out her website here.  And if you are not in the Austin area, don’t worry, she ships!  

Here’s just how creative Paige is…she’s going to decorate the cakes to match the fabrics on my chairs. I know the cakes taste amazing, but they will look amazing too. This one below was hand painted!

That’s the way a culinary pastry chef does it! I don’t know if I’m more excited to look at them or taste them! 

And my husband, who is an expert mixologist, is preparing three signature cocktails that you won’t want to miss! Two are his original recipes. The first involves muddled blueberries and grapefruit and the other has lemon and tequila. These are perfect drinks for a summer night in Texas. 

Each chair collection will be showcased in different rooms inside and outside of my house. I’m already busy getting these cuties ready with custom finishes. Here’s my first one featuring whitewash and black glaze.

There will be a couple of interactive things you can do at the party, but mostly I want you to enjoy yourself. There will be great music, some of it provided by my cellist daughter. So, bring some friends and have a night out on the town. And if you don’t live here, why not make fun weekend trip with your besties? It’s summer, after all!  I hope to see you there! 
If you do plan on coming, be sure to RSVP here:

Wendy Conklin

I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

What brings me joy is helping others live more creatively. I design antique-inspired, boutique chairs, and I teach others how to do what I do. Check out my shop, services, and courses to bring more whimsy into your home and life!

Bring some whimsy into your home!

Styling Guide

Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!