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Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!

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Styling with the Chair Stylist

I’ve got a new video series debuting this coming week, and I’m giving you a sneak peek into the content! I get a lot of questions about my design process…such as how do I pick fabrics and how do I know what color to make the frame of the chairs, etc. In this video series, Styling with the Chair Stylist which I’ll release on social media (Instagram & Facebook), I’ll be sharing my thinking process.

This new series is based on 2 new collections that I’m releasing in May! So it’s a double whammy of fun! One collection is called “In the Pink” and it includes many chairs that, of course, have pink in them!

The second collection is called Fiesta! As you can imagine, it’s full of fun, colorful, ethnic fabrics.

There are literally hundreds of fabrics that I dream about using, and most of them have pink. So whittling down the fabrics that I’ll use is a process for me. I put them all together and then begin eliminating them one by one until I have a manageable selection of fabrics that I love the most.

Then, I pair them with other fabrics to provide some whimsy and more durable fabrics for the seats. Once the fabrics arrive, I work on the finish for the chair frames. I even give myself permission to change my mind as I begin to work on the chairs. If something doesn’t work, I change course and use something else.

I can’t wait to show you my new collections! So stay tuned this week as I begin releasing this new video series. And let me know what questions you have about my design process. I would love to know!

Wendy Conklin

I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

What brings me joy is helping others live more creatively. I design antique-inspired, boutique chairs, and I teach others how to do what I do. Check out my shop, services, and courses to bring more whimsy into your home and life!

Bring some whimsy into your home!

Styling Guide

Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!