PINK Creatives Retreat

I got back Friday evening from a three-day PINK Creatives retreat with my friend Sara from Simply Southern Cottage and 24 amazing women. These women came because they want to raise the level of their creative businesses, but they want to do it their way. There’s a ton of business advice out there, but it often doesn’t fit with what creatives want their businesses to look like.

We stayed in Round Top, Texas at the Frenchie Boutique Hotel, and we had the entire property to ourselves. The rooms are spread out throughout the property including some in the main house, pool bungalows, art studios, the garden cottage, and the potting shed.

Blake, our private chef, came all the way from Shreveport, Louisiana where he runs his own catering company and bakery.

The meals were amazing, and he went above and beyond with the menu which also included desserts, a special cocktail, and appetizers.

Snacks included chocolate chip cookies from The Breakup Cookie and lavender shortbread cookies from Dixie Farms Lavender.

We spent a little time exploring the cute town of Round Top, TX.

Sara and I have been to enough events where the swag was not anything you would really want to take home and use. So we really wanted to give some great gifts throughout our 3 days there…and every day there was a surprise swag drop! In fact, we started the swag drop even before they got to the retreat with the most adorable luggage tags from Katie Kime (my favorite lifestyle Austin brand) arriving in the mail so they could use it while traveling here.

Other swag included branded notebooks, adorable pens, t-shirts, Doodle Bean Coffee, a yummy candle from the Antique Candle Company, luxurious robes from Redland Cotton, The Love Tote from Frances Valentine…my favorite brand for clothing

After our session on using social media for your businesses, Light and Airy emailed their presets—that Sara and I both swear by for taking amazing pictures—to all the participants. It’s what we both use and these presets are a game changer…I’ll buy anything that Light and Airy sells because of it!

The entire purpose of our retreat was to show how Sara and I have grown our businesses to give us the freedom and flexibility we’ve desired while also making money serving others.

Our sessions were jam-packed covering topics like money (yes, we share exactly how much money we made last year), branding, social media content, online businesses for products and courses, publicity, and finally play—something that is necessary if you run a creative businesses. And everyone walked away with a free coaching session from Sara’s life coach, Laurel Emory…what a great way to end the retreat!

Here’s what one attendee had to say about it: This weekend has been about so much more than businesses education–it’s encouraged me to look at my business and brand in a new way, it’s filled me with ideas and excitement, it’s encouraged me to be brave and try new things in my businesses, and it’s given me great connections with women who are passionate about taking their creative businesses to the next level. Sara and Wendy share their wisdom & experiences authentically, they both radiate with joy and they are incredible business women. I’m honored to be a part of this group. —Ashley Ward from Tend Craft Co

It was quite an experience and one that we’ve decided to repeat! So, next October 2-4 (Sunday to Tuesday) we are doing this all over again. And we’ve just opened the doors. Last time we sold out in 3 weeks, so if you are interested be sure to secure a spot at the next PINK Creatives retreat. We look forward to seeing you there! Click here to see more about it.


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