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Orange & Pink…A Great Combo!

What do you do with a cute pink textile and a few antique chairs? You make something that brings joy into the world! Last month a client wanted a couple of chairs with Mexican textiles…something I’ve been doing a lot lately. Her space was small, so we went with some smaller antique chairs to make sure they would fit. Since I didn’t have a matching pair at the time, we decided to pair the two chairs below.

Both of these chairs are made of mahogany wood, which means they are red underneath the harsh dark stain. One had been painted, which didn’t matter one bit because both had to be sanded completely and then stripped of any remaining finish. Let me tell you, that’s a lot of work. In fact, it’s a full day that’s pretty messy. But the result is so amazing that I do it again and again.

Within the pink textile, there were purples, blues, orange, white and red among others. We could have gone several directions on these.

But orange was the client’s color of choice to accent the pink embroidered top. And it’s absolutely a perfect pairing and makes me so happy to look at it.

I love how the chairs are different from one another too. It has a “not so perfect” look about it.

Sometimes it’s the backside that will get a lot of attention, especially at the dining table. So the decision to place these cute animals and flowers on the back were important.

Here’s what I’ve noticed…I typically say that orange is my least favorite color, but that’s just not true. When brought together with other colors, I love orange. And I really love orange on these chairs. How can you not be happy when looking at these? And I can’t wait to see them in their new home soon!

Wendy Conklin

I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

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Styling Guide

Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!