My Kitchen Makeover

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and that’s definitely true for my home. It’s where all my parties are held and where I prepare all our meals.  My latest makeover is at my kitchen’s eating nook, the place where I do most of my online work for my business.

This settee is one of the first pieces I upholstered 10 years ago when I first learned.  And I got this antique marble top table on Craigslist a few years ago and spray painted the legs gold. Both of those things probably won’t change. But the chairs can change and often do. This picture was taken a year ago.

Photo by Abby Grace Photography

Here’s an older picture showing chairs with Carrie Schmitt’s fabric back when we did our collaboration together.

This photo shows my house around that same time when HGTV came out to photograph it. We changed up the chairs and pillows to make the photo pop.

Photo by Buff Strickland for HGTV Magazine

So it’s no surprise that I decided to change out my chairs for this latest makeover. I chose this amazing dahlia fabric by Harlequin that I found at my to-the-trade vendor.

I changed up the pillows too. The embroidered butterfly pillows actually used to be a rug that I found overseas. I had my trusted local friend, Laura, sew them into pillows. I added in the green check smaller pillows to tie in the dahlia fabric.

My artist friend, Kim Parker, sold me this super cute rug with her designs on it. It has the perfect shades of pink, magenta, and green. It’s small, like a runner and fit perfectly under my two new chairs.

And the biggest change to this eating nook is the chandelier. I found this chandelier 12 years ago on Craigslist and had it installed. It’s huge and heavy and has served the space well.

But when Stray Dog Designs offered me the opportunity to chose a chandelier from their collection, I went for the biggest one, the Very Chihuahua Chandelier.  You can see the size by comparing it to my electricians as they endeavored to install it.

It’s in an amazing shade of magenta, to tie into my chairs, rug, and pillows.

It’s hand crafted in San Miguel, Mexico by artisans.

It’s the most grand chandelier I’ve ever laid eyes on and probably the most fun one too.

It’s totally completes the space and the makeover.

If you want to see more of my kitchen, including the other things I obsess over, head over to my YouTube channel and watch the full kitchen tour by clicking right here.




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