Mexican Textiles That Wow

Just a few months ago, I received an order for four chairs: two armless and two with arms. That’s typically how orders start, and my clients and I enter into an exploratory state of designing something interesting for their space. Little do we ever know where we will end up, but after trial and error and the process of elimination we come up with a plan. And, boy, am I glad we went down the path of Mexican textiles. 
The stains didn’t match at all, so they got a good sanding before being stained again. 

I happened to have recently purchased several Mexican table runners and made the suggestion that they would be spectacular on a set of chairs. The runners were narrow, so they could only work on the top of the chairs. All we needed was something for the seats, and velvet was the obvious choice. 

As soon as I began upholstering these chairs, I knew we had a winner! The peacocks and birds were stunning.

Each scene on the runners were unique with vibrant colors and motifs. 

I chose chartreuse, orange, pink, and teal velvets, but honestly, I could have used any color combinations on the seats and they would have worked. 

The chartreuse velvet brightened up the dark purple textile on this chair. It would have given off a different vibe if I had paired it with a red or darker purple. 

The same thing for this one below; the teal brightened up the red textile. 

This was such a fun project and the outcome is one-of-a-kind for sure. I can’t replicate this exactly because the textiles are so unique with color. That’s what makes this type of project so special and fun to work on. 

These beauties are going into an interesting home filled with art and textiles. They will only add to the story of that home. 

And they will make the perfect setting for a table…not much else will be needed for decor because these chairs become the art. 

Here’s to Mexican textiles…the perfect art for a home!  Do you have a favorite out of the four here? I would love to hear which one speaks to you in the comments section!



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