Mastering the Eclectic Mix

What type of design describes your taste? Shabby chic? Industrial? French? Mid-century vintage? Or maybe…its eclectic? Let’s face it; some of us claim to have an eclectic style because we really don’t know how to define our space. (I’m one of those!) Whether it’s by default or by plan, eclectic rooms are popping up all over.
DSC_1970You might wonder how you can achieve an eclectic look in your home. It feels a little dangerous to just throw things together and think that it will all work—and that is true. There is a method to this madness. Here are a few tips that can help you start curating an eclectic mix in your home.
First, mix a bit of rustic with some glamour. Last week I found myself in this store that had rustic pallets for ceilings (here I go again with the pallets). Shiny chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Right here is one example of eclectic styling—mixing rustic with glamour.
Pair old and new things together in one space. In my own home I have a black leather Chesterfield sofa. Not too far away sits this rustic bottle holder. Another example of eclectic styling—mixing old and new items.
Finally, mix styles together—that’s my specialty. When a client orders a set of eclectic chairs, I take into consideration their table, room, and overall height of the chairs as I begin styling different chairs together. I ask myself, “Are there enough differences represented or are there too many alike? Am I being too repetitive or not enough?” Somewhere, I have to find common ground.
hide chairs
This set below went to a military family stationed out east that already had their farmhouse table. The fabric and paint unites the set and gives it a common ground even though all pieces are different.
Here’s a set for a library in a house in Beverly Hills, California. Three different kinds of paint and 12 chairs later, only the fabric unites this interesting set.
So, whether you are doing this for the first time or realizing that’s what you’ve already done, go out in confidence and experiment to find the right balance. Take pictures of your space and analyze them.   Your eyes won’t lie to you—you will know if it looks right or not. Nothing is permanent. Make changes where necessary. It might take some time, but pretty soon you will have mastered the art of styling an eclectic space on your own.


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