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Loving Those Grain Sack Chairs

What is it about grain sack chairs that appeals to many of us? Is it the feeling of past years gone by—perhaps a bit of nostalgia? Whatever it is, these chairs are more popular than ever. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people contacting me to customize grain sack chairs for their own homes. I’ve done dark frames and light ones with all sorts of color schemes.
Here’s some that I particularly love. The frames below are so interesting with the curled arms and ornately carved out legs. Some of these chairs have authentic feed sacks, grain sacks, or dish cloths from Europe while others are massed produced.
Many of these “sacks” are replicas using drop cloths or burlap and modern day stencils and paint. But the “grain sack” idea doesn’t have to start and stop with chairs. You can use burlap curtains with a vintage print tied ever so easily to a string. I don’t know about you, but the thought of this makes me feel so relaxed and ready for some French pastry and coffee.
If you are particularly attracted to these earthy but refined grain sack chairs, here’s a tutorial for making your own grain sacks. It’s very easy, even for those of us who are “craft challenged.” You don’t have to use them on chairs, either. Pillows (and curtains like we see above) make perfect landing spots for these grain sacks. You can buy the stencils here. Here’s a quick snapshot of a before/after set of chairs completed just recently.
I’m headed to France in June, and believe me, I’ll be looking out for these and other European linens. Until then, I’ll have to live with ones of my own making!  Do you have any grain sacks that you love in your own decor?  Share your own ideas in the comments section below. I can’t wait to hear about it!

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