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To say that I’m enthusiastic about suzani embroidery is an understatement. And so when I discovered a suzani blanket, I knew I would create a fabulous set of chairs with it.

You might be wondering…what is suzani? Suzani is a textile created by the Uzbek people in Uzbekistan located in Central Asia. Long ago, the Uzbek traveled with their herds and so it was important that their luggage was light. These textiles were easy to transport as families moved throughout the region. Suzanis are known for the bold colored embroidery of flowers, fruits, and vines.

Originally, these blankets were part of a bride’s dowry and symbolized the wealth and importance of the family. And because they were given to the groom on the wedding day, pomegranates (which symbolized fertility) were a common theme. And even though these look great on these chairs, I also love using these textiles on large pieces like settees for both the designs and color.

For this set, I decided to use a blush pink paint on the frames. And, I choose my Charley frame from my new line of chairs to showcase the best of these suzanis. Win, win!

To mix up the offerings on the front and the back, I strategically chose designs for each chair, and then I decided on the color of the seats.

Periwinkle, pink, orange, and teal were the best velvets both as a set and to compliment the colors of embroidery on the top front and back.

I wanted to prove that blush pink chairs are nothing to be afraid of. In fact they are perfect for a small kitchen space and provide a wonderful feminine feeling without being too girly. The suzani helps to give off a casual boho feel.

Here’s the front and the backs. Aren’t they wonderful?

I’ve only got these four and they cannot be replicated because the suzani was a one of a kind blanket. You can see more of these beauties on my website while they last! They are part of my One-of-a-Kind chairs. Click here! And most importantly, have a wonderful, suzani day!

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