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Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!

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How to Mix Floral Fabrics Like a Pro

We’ve probably all been there…loved too many different things that we can’t pick our favorite. These latest chairs represent that very problem my most recent client had! And instead of resisting, we decided to break the rules and mix all of them together.

How do you know when this can be done? What seems like a mis-matched set of 6 chairs can actually work together, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make it work.

First, you have to set up the space to handle it. With so much color, it’s important to keep the table and walls a lighter, consistent neutral color. White works really well with lots of color because it allows you to layer many colors on top of it. In this case, the walls are a white that leans pink, so it definitely works for layering.

Second, there needs to be a common color in all the chair fabrics. In this case we have pink represented in all of them. It doesn’t have to be the dominate color on each chair…it just needs to be present.

Next, we did things in pairs. One pair had floral all over the front top to bottom. Another pair had solid velvet seats. And the final pair had buffalo check seats. By doing this we created some consistency out of the chaos.

Finally, all the chair frames are the same with the same whitewash finish (with one exception that has embellished flowers). When we have some consistency, each of the fabrics can shine like little personalities.

So the next time you have a hard time choosing a favorite, don’t! Select all your favorites and find a way to make them work together.

Wendy Conklin

I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

What brings me joy is helping others live more creatively. I design antique-inspired, boutique chairs, and I teach others how to do what I do. Check out my shop, services, and courses to bring more whimsy into your home and life!

Bring some whimsy into your home!

Styling Guide

Bring the Chair Whimsy aesthetic into your home with our styling guide!