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How to Create a Summer Porch

My porch has always been okay, but I decided this summer that I wanted to take it up a notch. Since we are at home and are actually using our porches, it would be nice to make them even better. So, how can we do that? I think there are a few little upgrades you can do to take your porch from pretty good to great!

Tip #1: Get a coffee table! I had been wanting a table to sit in front of my porch swing, and Saturday I found one in my neighborhood at a yard sale for $10! It was quite dirty, but after cleaning it up it was the perfect addition I had been dreaming of. And it was already painted a green! I only replaced the knob with one I already had at home.

Tip #2: Decorate the table! I found this old wooden toolbox at the same yard sale for only $5. It had cobwebs and dirt all over it, but after a good scrubbing it was perfect! An old coca-cola box would work well too. Adding in a wooden element relaxes the space. Inside I added flowers, napkins, dishes, and drinks.

Tip #3: Add flowers. Nothing spices up a porch better than plants. Flowers adds color and softens the space. And it’s such an easy addition! I found this wicker basket at the yard sale too ($5) and set my pot of flowers down in it.

Mexican pots are all the rage here in Texas, and I scored 2 at my local grocery store and put pentas in them, which are perfect for the sun that hits the space.

Tip #4: Add pillows! I’ve had these striped pillows for a while from Pottery Barn. But I just added a blue stars pillow I found on Amazon for $11. I’ll take this off after the 4th, and replace it with something else. Pillows add the color my white porch swing desperately needs.

Tip #5: Looking for porch furniture like rocking chairs and swings? Check out Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for great deals. I rarely buy anything new.

Tip #6: Paint your door and add a wreath! My door is a red that leans pink and I added a yellow tulip wreath to tie to the yellow paint on my house.

My dogs are enjoying time on the porch just as much as I do! By adding a coffee table, table decor with wooden elements, flowers, pillows, furniture, and a painted door with a wreath, you’ll take your porch from pretty good to great! Now, get to work making your porch all that you want it to be. You’ll be so glad you did!

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