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Getting the Most from Your Fabric

Sometimes clients order two chairs thinking that will be enough. Perhaps they intend on using the new chairs at the ends of a table. And then once they get the chairs, they realize they want more. That’s exactly what happened with this latest client of mine.

Back at the beginning of the year she ordered two chairs from my Pink Collection. These are tall, good sized chairs with a luxurious teal seat and a large floral print from Designer’s Guild.

I worked hard to get the best look possible from the fabric. My tricks for positioning fabric include allowing a floral to peek in from the side or bottom. Just the tiniest movement in one direction can make all the difference.

What I love most about this fabric is that there are so many different scenes throughout the 2 yard repeat. So, when I got the order for two more chairs, I knew I could make them different from the first two.

You can see how much larger the print is as I lay it across each chair. I take my time and play around with it before making my decision. That is the most important thing—don’t rush this process.

If there weren’t two other chairs waiting at my client’s house, I could have gone with a different color seat. There’s several shades of pink that would look dynamic on these chairs, but we were committed to the teal this time around.

Here’s the reveal of the two newest ones from the front…

…and the back!

The set is going to look amazing together in her space. I can’t wait to see pictures! Here’s the best I can do at this point to envision how they will look together.

Not all fabrics lend themselves to different scenes, but when you find one that does, embrace the unique looks you can get for a set of chairs instead of doing them all the same. It’s the best way to get the most from your fabric. Not only will you have a set that looks diverse (and yet meant to be together), you’ll end up saving fabric this way, too!

Wendy Conklin

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