Color Inspiration in Cuba

Just last week I took a much anticipated trip to Cuba, and it did not disappoint. The sights, smells, and sounds of the cities and small bustling towns were amazing. Here’s some highlights from my journey. 

First up, Havana! The various colors of the buildings were my favorite thing to look at in this bustling city. Some areas were well kept, and others were in desperate need of renovations.

Of course, I’m finding all the pink buildings to photograph!

We made our way to Cienfuegos, where we had drinks on the roof top of the Palacio de Valle. The stunning architecture has a Spanish-Moorish influence. 

While there, we had a salsa lesson on a different roof top. Here’s the view that we enjoyed during this (hilarious) lesson as we tried to do what the teachers instructed.

Trinidad was full of color. I found this bright and bold building on the main square…a favorite color scheme of mine! 

Other buildings were under renovation, as seen in this picture below. 

I spent one afternoon exploring the town and came upon this artist doing his thing.

Restaurants were everywhere. 

And then, a vacant building with pink columns and yellow doors. I think I love this combination too. 

After two days in Trinidad, we were off to Viñales. This quaint tourist town was a beauty to behold. 

Along the way we visited an organic tobacco farm where they showed us the process for making their famous cigars. The tobacco leaves have to dry for months before they are ready to be used. 

Here’s the tobacco drying building on a farm.

Hemingway’s home is close by Havana, so we traveled there to see the home he lived in for more than 20 years. 

We ended our week with a mojito making lesson and a dinner on a roof in Havana. I don’t know which was better, the food or the the atmosphere?

And yes, I got to ride in a pink old car! 

Cuba is a place of amazing color as well as beautiful people. If you ever get the chance to go, do it! And enjoy the bright colors that Cuba has to offer. 



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