Chair Whimsy Gets a Makeover

So much has been going on the past six months, and one big thing is a new look for my logos!  I’ve got a super creative team that is redesigning my website (which is coming this summer), and the first thing they’ve completed?  You guessed it, my logos!

Maybe in another life I’ll come back as a graphic designer, because going through the process of logo design is so much fun!  Just to give you an inside peek of how this all goes down, here’s the first ones that I saw:

They sent me so many different styles at first and I was able to narrow down what I liked and what I didn’t.  Talk about covering the style gamut!  Everything from modern to retro was passed on to me to see how I would respond.  And you probably noticed there was no color.  That’s on purpose so that I wouldn’t be biased.  They needed me to look only at the fonts and style. 
Next, came color with a few of the styles to see how I responded. Here’s a few:

See, isn’t this fun?  I’m sure you are picking out ones you like better than others, too! And sometimes I liked two different ones, so they tried to mesh them together.  Then, I decided that I really wanted pink and red together.  I love that combination and it goes with what I wanted my brand to be.  Here’s the next round…

You get the picture, right?  And you can probably see where we ended up on this journey that took a few months to figure out.  Here’s the final set of logos and what I’ll be using them for on my new website. 

The Chair Stylist is the logo that I use personally and for my blog.  It identifies me as part of my brand.  At some point this summer, my blog will be at a new web address (

Chair Whimsy ( will become my new e-commerce site where all my new chairs will be sold, hence the shopping cart with the chair in it.  (Did I mention my chairs are on their way here from where they were carved overseas?  I can’t be more excited!) I love how the logo ties back to “From the Chair Stylist” to keep them a family. 

Some of you may not know, but I do offer design work as well. This mainly includes hunting down fabrics for clients. Some of my clients have a chair that they want recovered, and they live far away, so instead of shipping their chair to me, they just need help finding the right fabrics.  A local upholsterer does the actual work on the chair. Over the past six years I’ve accumulated quite a library of fabrics through mainly grunt work. And I’m adding to it all the time with more research. 
Hopefully you see how this logo family works together and defines the services for my brand. I can’t wait for the launch of my new website which will most likely be in the next six weeks. And if you are not on my email list, go ahead and sign up over to the right of this page. I’ve got a new look designed by the same team for my email as well. 
Next week I’ll be announcing info on the party of the summer that you are all invited to and that you won’t want to miss!  Until then, happy trails!


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