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Bright Colors? Don't Be a Scaredy Cat

Do you love bright colors but shy away from using them for fear of turning your space into a circus?  I know several people who are terrified of color, period.  (You know who you are!)  Personally, I love color, but I’ve learned to use it in strategic places in my home so that it makes the biggest impact.DSC_3745
Lately, I’ve become obsessed with table linens designed by Kate Spade.  I feel in love with this color set that actually inspired me to redo my dining room completely! (That makeover will be coming soon.)  But, how do I bring it all together?
The pinks, reds, and blues in these place mats definitely pack a punch, but also has the potential to be overwhelming, too.  By layering it with a rustic piece, such as this woven place mat from Pier 1 Imports, it toned down the color. It feels more livable in my space.
The color pink is one of my go-to favorites, but how do you use pink in a grown-up space?  Again, one answer can be to pair it with something rustic.  This settee is a personal favorite.  (And that’s not just because it took me 4 months to restore it!)  I love the bold color of pink along with the fun print.  The rustic frame keeps it from being too juvenile.
1499628_1374700486121830_132337254_nSo, the next time bright colors come along calling your name, don’t be such a scaredy cat.  Consider how you can add something rustic to tone down the look.  You will find that this one little tip can make these bold colors more livable in your own space.


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