My Adventures at the Dallas Market

This past weekend I made my way up to the Dallas Market Center to see what’s new and what’s hot in home decor. There was so much to see and I only scratched the surface. But I did make it a point to go to a few of my very favorite places to see all the eye candy. And boy, was there a lot to see! Here’s what I found…

Kantha is big!  Let me say it again, kantha is big. For those of us who may not be familiar with it, kantha is a fabric from southeast Asia that is often stitched together in a quilt. I’ve used them as upholstery on chairs. Traditionally, these quilts were made from old saris and other pieces of fabrics. They are bright, happy, and refreshing. And I saw them everywhere! 

Displays of quilts, pillows, placemats, and other decorative items filled the stores. People couldn’t get enough of these. Everywhere I went they were selling like hotcakes. 

Even necklaces had kantha beads…how fun is that? Textiles mixed in jewelry is big, so be on the lookout for this when you go shopping. You can always wear colorful necklaces like this with white or denim or really any solid color. 

Other colorful textiles are making a splash, too. These chindi spheres are made from traditional Indian fabric and used in home decor. The colors stand out and are fantastic, especially when displayed with old vintage pieces. 

Recycled cotton throws in bright, preppy colors stood out on the shelves as well.  These multi-colored textiles go great with the farmhouse decor. 

Even if you are not a color person, the black and natural textiles were amazing. I love that dotted bag! That’s in my future for sure!

Of course, I noticed all the cute chairs, too. This navy chair with the white dots stood out and was so delightful near the yellows, pinks, and oranges.  Notice how great the natural wood mixed with these bright colors. 

Vintage reproduction light fixtures were everywhere as well. Below is a shot of a lacquered wooden table with a mixture of two different styles of light fixtures above it. 

Here’s another example of antique reproduction lights all hanging together to create a vintage vibe. So fun!

There were many large reproductions too. This one was simply stunning. You would need a large open space with a tall ceiling to pull it off, but wow! 

And the dishes…I mean, what is life without the dishes? Next to chairs, dishes are my absolute favorite thing. You can ask my family about that one…

Melamine dishes are popular this year too. Just at a glance you would think this display below is of fine china. But no, it’s melamine!  Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of each and set a table that way?

The people stying these tables outdid themselves. And the color! The candles in the shot below had a bubbling wick of water that recycled through the candle itself. So cool. I’ve never seen those before!

I couldn’t get enough of it, and as you can see, I couldn’t keep my hands off the dishes either!

I am always drawn to the fun happy prints, and there were plenty of these at market. 

And just when I think I’ve seen everything, I spy a pink picnic table. Now, if that isn’t a great idea, I don’t know what is! Unfortunately this one is not for sale, but I told the owner, they should think about doing that. 

Even in the temps, there were creative gifts like these books that were cut out in letters of the alphabet and other cute shapes. 

I had a great time…possibly the best time ever at market. Can’t you tell? 

And as a final note, this board says it all. Until the next one…I’ll see you then, Dallas!



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