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Behind the Scenes at a Brand Photoshoot


Last week I wrote about what it was like to work with a stylist, and this week I wanted to share about the photoshoot itself. I’ve hired photographers a couple of times to take pictures of my chairs or my house, but I’ve never used one for my brand. I met Abby from Abby Grace Photography back in May, and it seems that we immediately decided this was something we were going to do together. For a branded shoot, there was a lot of prep work ahead of time. I met with Abby several times and filled out questionnaires about my brand and myself. She wanted to capture the story of my business and tell it through the photos. For example, my kitchen is my office. It’s where I work, so to her it was important to plan shots for that spot showing how I work. Based on our conversations, she came up with three categories to photograph: designer, artisan, and educator. From there, she researched my home and made a detailed shot list to…

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