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Creating with Color…Yes Please


Let’s face it, we’ve been dragged into the drabs of neutral decor for many years…I even tried it! But now color is making a comeback and I’m so glad it is. The more I fill my own home with color, the happier it makes me. Over the past couple of months, I had the most amazing time interviewing different designers, artists, and women business owners and the thing that I learned from all of them is confidence. I need to design and decorate with confidence… going for the things I really love. These interviews came about because I decided to put together a virtual summit for my audience. I had only attended one online summit and it was all about lettering, so when I started to think about what my summit would be, I landed on the idea of creating with color. That would be my theme and I would call it, Design Whimsy Virtual Summit: Creating with Color. I reached out to various artist friends and asked them if they would teach something. By…

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