Vegas Goes Boho

What do you do when a potential client wants a set of chairs for one of the biggest clothing and accessory trade shows in Las Vegas? You say YES! That’s exactly what happened last month. The initial request was for 6 chairs to dress up a clothing company called Boho Jane. As the name suggests, the client wanted a bohemian look to compliment their clothing line. Now, I could have just done a set of 6 matching chairs, but how boring is that?  So instead, I suggested that I do two different sets of two chairs (one set of arm chairs and the other a set of armless chairs) along with a settee. Here’s how it all began…

The set of chairs and settee began like this, but I could see the vision of what these pieces could become all together as a set. 

I knew I would need to strip the wood to give each piece a natural, bohemian look. While its a lot of work, its worth it. Then, I began to envision what types of fabrics I would use on each one. I selected a coverlet that was hand embroidered by the Uzbek women in the Middle East. That would work on my settee. You can see more pics of this settee on my previous blog by clicking here.

Then, I wanted to use Otomi embroidery from Mexico on the two arm chairs. It would add a fun, playful color to the set with a nice off white backdrop. 

I selected a violet velvet for the seat and backside. In the pictures it might have a fuchsia look, but in person it certain sings purple!

I wasn’t sure about the two armless chairs, but I knew they had to have something spectacular. I found a few table runners that were embroidered from Mexico and jumped on them. A perfect pair, in my opinion.

I paired them with an orange and blue velvet to give the fabrics variety. Yep, it’s all embroidered folks!

And here the set all together. I can’t wait to see them on the showroom floor in Las Vegas. 

And just so you know, all these pieces are available for purchase! Click here to see the settee. The blue chair has sold.  Click here for the orange chair.  Click here for the otomi arm chairs

It was so much fun photographing these amazing pieces. Often people ask me if I have a hard time letting go of the furniture that I do for clients. Truthfully, I usually don’t. I’m glad to see them get new homes. But these…oh, these were hard to let go. I could see them in my own home! Perhaps someday…

So, what do you think of these pieces? Could you go this crazy with color? Would you be willing to? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 



11 thoughts on “Vegas Goes Boho

    1. Yes! Most of my pieces are custom orders for clients, but I do have a few on hand that are for sale. Here’s my etsy shop with many examples of ones that have sold and some that are available.
      Let me know if you are looking for something particular and I’ll help you out with it!

  1. I accidentally happened across your boho chairs on etsy and FELL IN LOVE!! I cannot even come close to being able to afford to purchase your gorgeous pieces, but I have been determined to find some fixer-uppers of my own and attempt to recreate your mastery. I am having trouble finding fabrics and I was wondering where you located yours? I have been scouring the internet trying to find just the right fabric. Please share your secrets on fabric location!!

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