Upcycled Chairs Create a Vintage Vibe

A few months ago, a client approached with with a request. Her new home in Florida needed some dining chairs with an eclectic, vintage vibe. She had purchased a luxurious velvet green sofa and was painting a wall dark blue. Using that as my guide, I went to work designing something special.

I knew green and blue would be part of the color scheme. But I wondered if I should add more color? Ultimately, the answer was yes. Orange and magenta would make an appearance, too. With these colors in mind, I selected some of my favorites as well as the ones my client wanted. And I hope you agree, this color combination did not disappoint. 

When I plan the design for these chairs, I have to consider that I’m working with 12 fabrics—3 per chair. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done on more than 1 chair. I need all the seats to have some texture.  And, each seat set the color scheme for the specific chair.

I have the navy chair.

The turquoise chair.

The green chair.

And the magenta chair.

Together, these seats have a vintage feel to them. 

The top fabrics complement the seats.  And don’t forget about the backside! This is one of the most important fabrics because its the most visible as you walk up to the table.

For these, I keep it simple and limited to one color and one neutral. 

The obvious paint of choice was a neutral so that it would not compete with the fabrics. For these I chose Annie Sloan French Linen paint and used both clear and dark waxes.  

What a great vintage-like combination these make!  Which one is your favorite?  I would love to hear what you think in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “Upcycled Chairs Create a Vintage Vibe

  1. Hi, Wendy! I love these chairs especially the turquoise one! Will you please tell me about the table paint and is it durable enough so that the table can really be used for daily use? Beautiful color combos!! Thank you for creating and sharing! -Nicole

    1. Hi Nicole! It’s just a simple gold spray paint (Valspar from Lowes). I know it would be more durable if I had a clear coat on it. That’s what I would suggest to keep it nice.

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