How an Unassuming Pink Chair Helped Define a Tight Space

I need to stay away from antique malls. I really do. I always find something that I can’t resist. Actually, I do resist buying stuff. (You wouldn’t believe this if you saw my garage…never mind that, though). I rarely buy things when I first see them. Instead, I go home and if I can’t stop thinking about it for a week, I go back praying that it’s still there. Well, I saw this chair and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

First, it was perfect for the small space on the upstairs landing. It was pink! In case you missed my blog on painting the walls pink, click here! And the wicker material was just so interesting to me.

I don’t always buy chairs with upholstery and this is one example of that. The frame was cute enough for me.

The rest of the space got a makeover too. I reframed artwork from when my kids were young in matching gold frames from Target. I moved a sofa table from downstairs to the upstairs landing to anchor these frames.

And the antique storm door I had downstairs also went upstairs. I like old doors…

But for me, this little unassuming chair is the thing that sealed the deal on this space. Besides the new frames, it’s the only new addition. And it only cost $30. It’s structurally sound enough to sit, but probably no one will sit there. Sometimes you just need a chair to make the space perfect.

Can you resist buying things in antique malls too? Or do you just take the plunge right away for fear that it might sell out? I would love to hear about it in the comments section!


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