A Tale of Two Chairs

When I discovered these amazing antique chairs last fall, I knew I had found something special. Never mind that they had a plaid fabric. (You might remember my post about a settee I recently finished that had the same plaid…yep, these came from the same place.) Honestly, I like plaid and all things preppy. I would consider myself a recovering preppy person…I don’t allow myself to go there very often, but I must confess that I want to. 

These were big chairs, so they would take a special client who had the space and also appreciated their beauty. It didn’t take long before one came along and snatched these beauties up. Then, the hunt for the right fabric began. After showing her several options, she settled on this one from GP&J Baker. This embroidered fabric with vibrant colors originates in India. I love the neutral background, which gives it a true boho chic look. Plus, it looks fabulous with the antique gold frame 

 For the backside, we went with a printed chenille, which brings some variety to the chair. 

The frame is old, probably at least 100 years, but the chairs are in great condition. The original gold leaf had some age and character to it. It just needed some cleaning up. 

Since there were two chairs, I wanted to celebrate this fabric by working to bring out different features found on it. On the top of one chair I wanted the fuchsia flower to be the center of attention. The other chair focused on the butterfly. 

The arms always present another small space to add some of the personality of the fabric. I put some of my favorites there. 

Honestly, I’ve not used any filters on these photos. These are the real deal. It’s really that vibrant in color. Stunning, right?

I am absolutely smitten with the fabric…it’s my newest fav for now. And I’m looking forward to doing more in this same design. 

Which one is your favorite? Are you more butterfly or flower? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



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