The Magic of Old Doors

Call me crazy, but I can’t pass up a great door. I especially love the ones that have layers of chippy paint showing multiple colors—it adds instant character to any space!


I bought one a couple of summers ago, and of course, my family thought I was crazy. It’s too small to actually fit in a door jam (beware, many antique doors are smaller), so I decided to place the door in my entry way against a wall with a cute wreath on it. It’s like having a double entrance. It’s the magic door that leads to who knows what!

door-483923_640Even barn doors are a huge hit and people find ways to hang them in all kinds of nooks and crannies around their homes while splashing a little paint on them to give it some color.


Just last week I used a barn door as a table top for a garden party, resting on two saw horses covered in burlap. Doesn’t this look so inviting?


If you are really lucky, you might come across a double door! I’ve seen friends use these in gates in the backyard as well as a front gate to their property.


All old doors have stories to tell…who traveled through them, why did they enter, and did they ever leave? Just image the tales these doors could tell if only they could talk. So, the next time you see an amazing, irresistible door, get it and appreciate the magic that the old door brings to your space!

Have you ever used an old door in your home? I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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