My Favorite Chair Paint

Have you ever really considered all the different kinds of paint on the market today? I do, because I use paint all the time on the chairs that I revamp and reinvent for my clients. It’s not enough to just pick a color, I also have to consider the style of chair and the fabric that I’m using. I always tell my clients that the fabric will determine the paint. However, there’s a few other things to consider as well. Primarily, what look are we going for? Do we want modern, shabby chic, rustic, traditional, or something else?  

The modern look calls for high gloss paint. I recommend using Benjamin Moore Advance series paint in high gloss if I want to brush it on. The white paint you see here is that very one. It hardens like an oil paint. 

Or, if I’m doing a black or navy, I use Valspar spray paint. It’s the best in the business because it rarely drips and goes on evenly. I highly recommend it. Here’s a chair with a navy spray paint that gives a more modern look.

While I do use many kinds of gold paint and I’ve even ventured into gold leafing, the Valspar spray paint in gold is a perfect color and finish as you see here on this chair upholstered in black linen.

Chalk paint is my go-to finish if I want a shabby chic or casual look. It’s super easy to use and I always finish it off with a clear or dark wax, depending on the desired color. I typically use Annie Sloan chalk paint because I have a vendor right down the street, but I know many people who use other brands and love them just as much.  

I’ve even used chalkboard paint from Benjamin Moore and had it mixed with a custom color.  I was impressed at how smooth the paint went on the chair. 

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic series is a water-base paint that hardens nicely. I use this in a semi-gloss or satin if I’m going for a traditional look. Or, if I need to apply a little bit of a dark wax to age the finish without it being too dirty looking, this paint does the trick too. 

These are my personal go-to paints, but I’m finding new ones all the time. What’s your favorite paint and how do you use it? I would love to hear in the comments section. 

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