Crafting the Bohemian Vibe

For those who love farmhouse, rustic decor, the bohemian look is just one step to the left (or is it the right?). In fact, the bohemian look pairs perfectly with many types of decor and adds the splash of color and interest that many bland rooms so desperately need. With all the neutral rage over the past few years—including the surge of Restoration Hardware dining chairs (…not that there’s anything wrong with that)—isn’t it nice to go a little bit wild for a change?


So, what exactly is the bohemian look and how does one achieve it in the dining room?DSC_4341

To answer the first question, the Bohemian or boho chic look is often described as romantic, free-spirited, and individualistic. These dining chairs embody that description with romantic floral prints as well as the free-spirited and individualistic diverse fabrics placed on each chair.


Even the backside of the chairs have a mixture of fabrics that somehow mysteriously work together. Have you ever thought about why these work and how do get this look for yourself?


The mixture of fabrics on each chair works because they share a common thread. Most often, this common thread is a color and typically one fabric ties the other two together in a family. For example, the top fabric on the arm chairs below tie the seat and the arm fabric together. The one on the left has orange and purple, so it makes sense to put purple on the seat and orange on the back and arms. The chair on the right has both chartreuse and deep plum, so it makes sense to put chartreuse on the seat and plum on the back and arms.


To tie all the chairs together, use a common paint color, preferably something rustic and neutral so that the fabrics are allowed to be the “real show.” Also, make sure the chairs are all different. For example, I wanted each seat to have a different color. Each top fabric is unique and sets the tone for the rest of the chair. Making them all different really does make them a set.

Chair Whimsy

Once you’ve got a set of chairs, get a farmhouse table. This one was previously an old barn door. You could go with an Indian wedding table, too—What a cool look that would be!

Because the look you are going for is so casual, no need for placemats…get a scrap of fabric and haphazardly drape it over the table.

What a cool garden party, right? This look not only is perfect for the outdoors, it’s suitable in a dining room or kitchen. Remember, just stick with the rustic farmhouse neutrals and let these little ladies be the star of the show.


What is your favorite thing about the bohemian style? Could you go this route in your dining room? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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