Colorful Chairs for an All-White Kitchen

A few months ago I began working on a set of chairs for an all-white glamorous kitchen. And, the chairs needed to included these elements: French, color, grain sack, multiple fabrics, and distressed wood. This was a tall order indeed!

I located a set of vintage French chairs and snagged them right away. While the fabric and gold finish were dated, the frames were perfect for this design. 

I’ve never really mixed colorful fabrics and grain sack chairs before, so it was a challenge. Finally it was decided that the end chairs would have the custom made grain sacks and the other four chairs could sport fun colorful fabrics. 

But to make the grain sack chairs fit in with the others, they needed color too. The denim stripe seat and red houndstooth back was the client’s favorite. This helped set the color scheme for the rest of the set. Red and blue was a must. 

It only made sense to me to switch up the colors for the other arm chair having a red seat and a blue backside.  In fact, the small blue houndstooth is a newer fabric from designer Tobi Fairley’s line of fabrics, and I’d been dying to use it on something. I love this one…it feels like a picnic to me. 

Here they are together!

The inspiration for the other chairs came by using different prints on the top. I knew we needed some other color including pinks, greens, and oranges. Two fabrics came from the new vintage prints by Schumacher. They are the ones with the white backgrounds.  The other two fabrics in orange and blue were from Thibaut. All of them had a throwback vintage feel to them. 

The frames were painted a creamy white and distressed to give them a lived-in look. 

The backside of the chairs, which will show off at a dining table, were all designed differently as well. Stripes, checks, dots, and a variety of colors. 

They worked nicely with the other arm chairs that had houndstooth in different colors and sizes.

And finally the seats had different velvets that complemented the fabrics on top. What fun it was to put all of these together. 

And here they are as a set! So fun, don’t you think? They are certain to brighten up an all-white kitchen with some vintage pizzaz. 

Which one is your favorite?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section below! 



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