How to Break Free from Grey: Color is the New Black

Many of us have enjoyed the “grey & beige train” for several years now. I admit it…I’ve had beige and grey walls in my house to warm it up. And I’ve even used grey fabrics primarily because I liked them. But every few years I get the itch to change everything up and get a different look. You might have read my previous blog about my entryway and stairwell where the walls went from a golden yellow to pale pink. Well, a few weeks ago I painted over the beige walls in my living room. Bye bye beige! It had a good run. 

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Advice 101: Be True to Your Roots

I’ve been interested in design for some time now. But I’ve wondered where I and my work fits in to helping others achieve their dreams. I enjoy decorating my own home and helping friends do the same. I looked up to other designers and analyzed how they’ve found their niche, and while it might be obvious now, I’ve wondered, “Where do I fit? How can I contribute to this vast world of design?”

Here’s how it all began…or sort of began. I’ve always had a thing for chairs. And I felt strange because of it. Who else around me loves chairs? No one. Until one day  when I heard Nate Berkus declare the same thing on his show! (Remember when he had his own daytime afternoon show? Boy, how I miss it!) Wow, I thought, I’m not the only oneContinue reading “Advice 101: Be True to Your Roots”

Why Everyone Needs a Challenge

While on vacation in France with my family, I was reminded of something that I knew as a teacher long ago…we all need a challenge. During that week, we spent our days doing a lot of walking and exploring, which left us really exhausted in the evenings. Since there was no television, we took up playing cards. Now for a little context—we are not much of a game family. Sure, when the girls were young we half-heartedly played Monopoly and Sorry, but now we typically spend our evenings at home chilling in front of the television or watching a movie. We found a deck a cards in one of homes we rented via AirB&B (which I highly recommend in place of hotels because its much cheaper and more interesting!). Here’s one of the places we stayed…a 16th century chateaux. Continue reading “Why Everyone Needs a Challenge”

Using Interesting Tables in Your Home

I admit it…my most favorite places to shop are antique shops, flea markets, and junk stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love gift stores too, but since my own personal preference is to have an eclectic home filled with interesting things, I am forced to go into dank, stinky shops. I’ve learned to embrace those funky smells because what often awaits inside are one-of-a-kind, special things. And, you only need to find really one cool thing to make the trip worth it. Old tables happen to be a personal favorite. Just imagine one as an island or table in your kitchen.  Let’s say you have a party and need extra table space for the food.  Believe me, tables always come in handy. Continue reading “Using Interesting Tables in Your Home”

Life is Short…Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets

You might be wondering…why cover beach house decor again? It happens to be a personal favorite, and I know from your feedback, that it is a favorite of many of you, too. But there is another reason to bring up this topic again…its more than just looking at pretty images of this style. There’s a lesson we can learn from this little saying, “Life is short, buy the beach house.” I don’t mean go into debt to buy stuff that you want because life is short. The lesson here is to go after the things you want in life—take steps toward your dreams—because life is short. Live with no regrets. Continue reading “Life is Short…Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets”

How to Be More Creative in Life and Design

Do you believe the old idea that some people are just born more creative than others?  Perhaps that is true to some extent if you compare yourself to Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc—those amazing individuals were extraordinary.  However, if someone told you that you could learn to be more creative, would you believe that?  Who doesn’t look around their home, workspace, or yard and wish they had a little more creativity?  “If I only had more creative ideas, I could make this space so beautiful on a dime!”  “If only I was more creative, I could figure out a way to create more living space without adding on to my house.” Well, I’m telling you…there are things you can do to be a more creative individual.  But before we dive into those steps, there are few things you should know about creativity.  Continue reading “How to Be More Creative in Life and Design”

How to Upholster Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how upholsterers achieve beautiful works of art on chairs?  It’s not an accident when upholstery turns out beautifully, I can guarantee that!  It takes thoughtful consideration when working with printed fabrics, especially when it involves a set of chairs.  Should the prints match exactly or show different aspects of the print?  What color do you paint the chairs, if they need painting?  And what style(s) work best for a particular room?  When a client comes to me looking for a set of chairs for their dining room, there are a few consecutive steps that I take to give them the set of their dreams. Continue reading “How to Upholster Like a Pro”