How a Dishcloth Inspired Design for a Set of Chairs

I’m a frequent visitor to Anthropologie in Austin and on one of my visits this past year, I spied a dishcloth that immediately resonated with me. I love checks, black and white combos, and floral fabrics—this dishcloth had them all. The floral print was appliquéd on top of the black and white check.  The wheels started turning and the rest is history.

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How to Make Your Day a Little More Happier

There are so many people out there who are making career changes later in life, just like me. Anyone who’s done this knows what a scary thing this is to leave a career—especially one you’ve been successful at—and move towards one that pulls at your heart but is also very uncertain. You don’t know how its going to evolve or end. Over the past few months I’ve been reading books by author Chris Guillebeau. His books explore topics like finding the work you are meant to do, setting goals, living a life that doesn’t conform to society, and giving back to people in need. It’s encouraging to read stories about others who are forging their own way into the unknown so they can find happiness and joy in what they do.

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“Inspiration Exists, But It Has to Find You Working”…Picasso

This famous quote by Pablo Picasso tells us that in order to experience inspiration in our every day lives, we have to be doing the mundane work. I know this is true is for me. Much of my work is not inspired…it’s simply showing up and getting things done. However, it’s in during this time when I’m working on the mundane that I often get “hit” with inspiration. And, it’s a great feeling, no doubt! A few weeks ago I visited the Dallas Market to enjoy a day of shopping and I spied this kantha quilt from India. Inspiration hit immediately!   Continue reading ““Inspiration Exists, But It Has to Find You Working”…Picasso”

Why Everyone Needs a Challenge

While on vacation in France with my family, I was reminded of something that I knew as a teacher long ago…we all need a challenge. During that week, we spent our days doing a lot of walking and exploring, which left us really exhausted in the evenings. Since there was no television, we took up playing cards. Now for a little context—we are not much of a game family. Sure, when the girls were young we half-heartedly played Monopoly and Sorry, but now we typically spend our evenings at home chilling in front of the television or watching a movie. We found a deck a cards in one of homes we rented via AirB&B (which I highly recommend in place of hotels because its much cheaper and more interesting!). Here’s one of the places we stayed…a 16th century chateaux. Continue reading “Why Everyone Needs a Challenge”

How to Be More Creative in Life and Design

Do you believe the old idea that some people are just born more creative than others?  Perhaps that is true to some extent if you compare yourself to Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc—those amazing individuals were extraordinary.  However, if someone told you that you could learn to be more creative, would you believe that?  Who doesn’t look around their home, workspace, or yard and wish they had a little more creativity?  “If I only had more creative ideas, I could make this space so beautiful on a dime!”  “If only I was more creative, I could figure out a way to create more living space without adding on to my house.” Well, I’m telling you…there are things you can do to be a more creative individual.  But before we dive into those steps, there are few things you should know about creativity.  Continue reading “How to Be More Creative in Life and Design”

Taking Risks in Life & Design

Learning to take risks sounds scary…and it is scary.  But it’s also exhilarating and freeing.  I’m talking about taking risks in both life and design.  When experimenting with design in our own homes, sometimes we are afraid to take risks…What if this color doesn’t look good?  What if I hate the new piece above the fireplace?  What will my neighbors and friends say?  Taking risks doesn’t mean that everything will always turn out rosy, but I guarantee it will make life pretty darn exciting. Continue reading “Taking Risks in Life & Design”

My Husband Asks, “What are you going to do with that?”

Many of us go to antique malls and find ourselves purchasing things that we have no idea how we will use in our homes. No judgment here—we’ve all been there, right? I’m a big proponent of buying what you love, what speaks to you, then finding the right place for it. (And yes, at times ignoring that nagging someone who asks, “What are you going to do with that?”)  Continue reading “My Husband Asks, “What are you going to do with that?””