How an Unassuming Pink Chair Helped Define a Tight Space

I need to stay away from antique malls. I really do. I always find something that I can’t resist. Actually, I do resist buying stuff. (You wouldn’t believe this if you saw my garage…never mind that, though). I rarely buy things when I first see them. Instead, I go home and if I can’t stop thinking about it for a week, I go back praying that it’s still there. Well, I saw this chair and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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Modern Chairs for a Rustic Salon

During my last hair appointment back in December, my hairstylist delivered the great news that she was moving shops. Her new shop was just a few minutes down South Congress Avenue in Austin. There, she would have room to not only design her own salon, but also have chickens and a community garden—two things she had only dreamed about. With this new design, she had two chairs that she wanted me to tackle. These would serve as the “waiting room” chairs. Continue reading “Modern Chairs for a Rustic Salon”

Crafting the Bohemian Vibe

For those who love farmhouse, rustic decor, the bohemian look is just one step to the left (or is it the right?). In fact, the bohemian look pairs perfectly with many types of decor and adds the splash of color and interest that many bland rooms so desperately need. With all the neutral rage over the past few years—including the surge of Restoration Hardware dining chairs (…not that there’s anything wrong with that)—isn’t it nice to go a little bit wild for a change?


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Life is Short…Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets

You might be wondering…why cover beach house decor again? It happens to be a personal favorite, and I know from your feedback, that it is a favorite of many of you, too. But there is another reason to bring up this topic again…its more than just looking at pretty images of this style. There’s a lesson we can learn from this little saying, “Life is short, buy the beach house.” I don’t mean go into debt to buy stuff that you want because life is short. The lesson here is to go after the things you want in life—take steps toward your dreams—because life is short. Live with no regrets. Continue reading “Life is Short…Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets”

Styling Your Home for Parties

Just last night, we threw a cocktail party, so styling for parties is on my mind right now.  Believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of decorating for the holidays.  I don’t like clutter, so decorating with extra stuff around the house doesn’t get me excited to say the least.  But as I worked methodically to get our house ready, I took special note of the little things that make a big difference.

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Black—a.k.a. The Drama Queen

Years ago, I heard someone say that every room needs a little black. Over the past several years, I’ve  adhered to that rule.  I find black in almost every room in my house—however it wasn’t necessarily intentional at first.  There’s no doubt about it; black is a strong color. But, you don’t have to coat the entire room in black to make a difference. Used in just small amounts, black can add drama to any room.  Here’s a few ideas for using black in your favorite spaces. Continue reading “Black—a.k.a. The Drama Queen”

Two Easy Ways to Create a Unique Space

Let’s face it, most of us live in spec homes—you know what I mean, the homes where every 5th home repeats. These homes are great for many reasons: they are more affordable and we inherit great neighborhoods and schools as a by-product. But, if you are anything like me, you want a unique space—a space that is different from everyone else around you. How can you do that in a neighborhood where many of the homes look alike? Don’t despair, here’s a couple of tips for how you can get a unique look among the masses. Continue reading “Two Easy Ways to Create a Unique Space”