Adventures at High Point Market

Last week I traveled to High Point, North Carolina to experience THE MARKET  for furniture. And boy, it did not disappoint. With 180 buildings, I knew I had a lot of ground to cover even if I couldn’t realistically visit them all. The glitz and glamour abounded…

I was most interested in the chairs that I would see there. Here’s some of the unusual and interesting chairs I found. First up, a barrel chair with graphic design on the outside. 

This pink one was made from plastic and could withstand outside elements. Every color in the rainbow was available. 

Victorian pieces with acrylic frames graced one showroom. Wow!

Another showroom had some edgy pieces with fun fabrics. Being a sucker for checks, I loved this little stool.

A little armchair with lips as fabric which would be super fun for a teen’s room!

My favorite was this dining chair in brass and pink velvet…so classy. 

Another shop had a variety of funky, modern dining chairs in all colors. 

Fabrics were high on my list, and I found a variety of beautiful indigo prints.

This sweet print below was my favorite of the bunch.

I couldn’t help but spend time in the antique showrooms, too. One thing that caught my eye—besides several amazing chairs that I coveted—was a collection of clown shoes. What a cool thing to collect if only I could afford them! The red pair was in the $500 range.

Art work abounded there too. Which picture below is your favorite? I’m partial to Michael Jackson. 

And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know my obsession with Kate Spade fabric.

This pillow below is something I’m going to have at some point!

This old and very tall door was part of the decor in the Magnolia showroom.

While there were many tables, this one stood out as a favorite. The carvings make it something special. 

I left feeling satisfied, if not a little exhausted, knowing I had seen all the cool new stuff coming out this year…and looking forward to all the new things I’ll see next year. 


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