The Versatility of Barn Wood

Reclaimed wood is all the rage now!  And why not?  Just a small piece of this salvage adds interest to any type of space, be it your kitchen, living area, bath, or bedroom.  No matter what your sense of style—industrial, eclectic, classic, beach, farmhouse, etc.—reclaimed wood can be that little something extra to make your space unique. Here’s a few reasons to consider using it in your space.

10259045_1462544014004143_6481247249686963777_o Continue reading “The Versatility of Barn Wood”

Why You Should Use Architectural Salvage Pieces in Your Home

I am so grateful for antique and junk stores. Without them, my house would be missing many of the things that make it so unique. I used to think that any given store should give me what I am missing in my home. These stores should have multiple items that I could walk away with, but I always left frustrated. Sure, I might find one thing or two, but that’s it. It was the same story when I shopped any given antique or junk store. At best, I would find one thing…well, I had to learn to adjust my expectations, because one thing is all you really need to find. It’s that one treasure that makes the trip worth it. So, why should you use architectural salvage pieces in your home? Continue reading “Why You Should Use Architectural Salvage Pieces in Your Home”

Using Interesting Tables in Your Home

I admit it…my most favorite places to shop are antique shops, flea markets, and junk stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love gift stores too, but since my own personal preference is to have an eclectic home filled with interesting things, I am forced to go into dank, stinky shops. I’ve learned to embrace those funky smells because what often awaits inside are one-of-a-kind, special things. And, you only need to find really one cool thing to make the trip worth it. Old tables happen to be a personal favorite. Just imagine one as an island or table in your kitchen.  Let’s say you have a party and need extra table space for the food.  Believe me, tables always come in handy. Continue reading “Using Interesting Tables in Your Home”

Life is Short…Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets

You might be wondering…why cover beach house decor again? It happens to be a personal favorite, and I know from your feedback, that it is a favorite of many of you, too. But there is another reason to bring up this topic again…its more than just looking at pretty images of this style. There’s a lesson we can learn from this little saying, “Life is short, buy the beach house.” I don’t mean go into debt to buy stuff that you want because life is short. The lesson here is to go after the things you want in life—take steps toward your dreams—because life is short. Live with no regrets. Continue reading “Life is Short…Buy the Beach House (Part 2): Live with No Regrets”

Loving Those Grain Sack Chairs

What is it about grain sack chairs that appeals to many of us? Is it the feeling of past years gone by—perhaps a bit of nostalgia? Whatever it is, these chairs are more popular than ever. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people contacting me to customize grain sack chairs for their own homes. I’ve done dark frames and light ones with all sorts of color schemes. Continue reading “Loving Those Grain Sack Chairs”