How to Be More Creative in Life and Design

Do you believe the old idea that some people are just born more creative than others?  Perhaps that is true to some extent if you compare yourself to Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc—those amazing individuals were extraordinary.  However, if someone told you that you could learn to be more creative, would you believe that?  Who doesn’t look around their home, workspace, or yard and wish they had a little more creativity?  “If I only had more creative ideas, I could make this space so beautiful on a dime!”  “If only I was more creative, I could figure out a way to create more living space without adding on to my house.” Well, I’m telling you…there are things you can do to be a more creative individual.  But before we dive into those steps, there are few things you should know about creativity.  Continue reading “How to Be More Creative in Life and Design”

How to Upholster Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how upholsterers achieve beautiful works of art on chairs?  It’s not an accident when upholstery turns out beautifully, I can guarantee that!  It takes thoughtful consideration when working with printed fabrics, especially when it involves a set of chairs.  Should the prints match exactly or show different aspects of the print?  What color do you paint the chairs, if they need painting?  And what style(s) work best for a particular room?  When a client comes to me looking for a set of chairs for their dining room, there are a few consecutive steps that I take to give them the set of their dreams. Continue reading “How to Upholster Like a Pro”